Where do you work?

Our design studio is located in Narberth, Pennsylvania. We work in Philadelphia, its suburbs, and the Jersey Shore. We are happy to travel to your property for design reviews at a time that is convenient to you.

What type of work do you do?  

We are a full-service design/build firm that designs landscape master plans for entire properties, installs our designed landscapes, and comprehensively manages them. Our designs focus on native and edible plantings, with an emphasis on landscapes that are both beautiful and ecologically functional.

What size projects do you typically take on?

Our projects range in scope from maximizing city yard spaces to larger suburban estates, and commercial properties.

What is involved in the design process?

Our design process begins with a free consultation at your property. During this visit, we walk the property and discuss your design and budget goals for the project.

Design Proposal:
After our consultation, we send you a design proposal which describes the project scope, goals, and price of a design.

Design and Revisions:
We start with a comprehensive site analysis of existing site conditions and then prepare a basemap. Next, we draft an initial concept design. We will meet with you to review the design, listen to your feedback, and discuss any revisions.   Then, we’ll draft a final design detailing all plants and materials.

Installation Proposal:
Finally, we will send you an installation proposal that details the cost of installation of your final design and a one year management plan, to ensure the success of all new plantings.  Once you approve the proposal, we’ll schedule your installation.  The ideal times for planting are in spring and fall.

How much does a design cost? How much does installation cost?

The cost of a design depends upon many variables such as the size of the project, complexity of design elements, and whether hardscaping is involved. Designs typically start at $800 and can range up to $5000 or more for complex projects.  The final design informs the cost of installation. We can also work with you to phase the installation to manage costs. Please refer to our Pricing & Packages for more information.

How do I manage my landscape?

Our designs minimize management tasks by planting native species that will thrive on your site, based on the existing site conditions.  We plant densely to inhibit weed growth, and design with natural plant forms to reduce pruning. The first year of a new landscape is the most critical for establishing plants, which is why we include a one-year management plan and plant guarantee upon installation. Throughout the year, our land management team makes regular trips to new properties to assess plant health, weed, fertilize, prune, water, mulch, and do extensive spring and fall clean-ups. Many clients choose to renew their maintenance contracts after the first year, but we are happy to educate and offer guidance for those wishing to care for their landscape independently.