Wednesday Inspiration: Swedish Medicinal Gardens

At Refugia, we are inspired by fellow designers that make purposeful, intelligent landscape choices. Landscape architect Thorbjörn Andersson and engineering firm Sweco reinterpreted the medieval medicine garden for pharmaceutical company Novartis in Sweden, using traditional plants with medicinal value such as fennel, yarrow, echinacea, and monarda. Not only did Andersson create a garden steeped in traditional medicinal roots, but he also chose complimentary plants that were visually impactful, year round. 

From the project brief:

"One of the campus blocks has been designated as an open space that hosts a Physic Garden, which displays plants important to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. In that sense, the Physic Garden can be said to represent the cradle of the company´s products and the soul of its activities. " - Thorbjörn Andersson

Plant scheme and seasonal changes including medicinal uses. Images: Thorbjörn Andersson

If you're located in or near Philadelphia and want to learn more about medicinal plants, read this brochure about the Benjamin Rush Medicinal Plant Garden, at the Mutter Museum.